Day 1: Hej Malmö!

After traveling more than 4,080 miles, I’ve successfully made it to Malmö, Sweden. As I write this, I’m nearing 23 straight hours with no sleep (six hour time changes are hard, especially when you have difficulty sleeping on planes!), but I still feel too excited to get any shut-eye. This marks my second time traveling this continent, but my Europhilia still hasn’t worn off.

My Scandinavian hosts have made getting here and getting comfortable here brilliantly easy. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend flying SAS. In my experience, your every need feels anticipated and is addressed with remarkable punctuality. Once I got here, Copenhagen’s airport was pretty easy to navigate and the trains and buses made getting to Malmö a breeze. I feel very welcome at Malmö Högskola [The University of Malmö] after meeting our tour guides and getting settled into my hygge dorm room.



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