Day 10: Journey to Stockholm

This morning was bittersweet. While we were all very excited to travel to Stockholm, we had to leave behind Malmö and Copenhagen. We awoke bright and early to check out of our rooms and make our way to the train station to begin our journey to Stockholm.

Despite the train ride lasting five hours, it didn’t feel that long. Perhaps it was because the trip was so enjoyable. Our train was slightly older and it had 6-passenger compartments, like something out of Harry Potter (minus the steam engine, of course). We spent much of the ride watching one of my favorite so-bad-it’s-good movies, The Room.

When we arrived in Stockholm, we took the metro to Gamla Stan [Old Town] from which it was only a short walk to our hostel. When we left the metro station, I was greeted by a beautiful city skyline. Before the sun went down, I took out my camera and started shooting.

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