Day 32: Leaving for London

We started the day by grabbing a quick sandwich and a few groceries and then made our way to Paris’ Gare du Nord train station. We missed our train after an unexpectedly lengthy check-in and pre-departure UK customs check (advice: if you’re crossing the English channel by train, arrive at the station at least an hour early). Nevertheless, we caught the next train and took a short ride to London.

We arrived at St. Pancras International station to chaos. London’s tube and train system may be one of the busiest in Europe because there were people everywhere! We rode the (very) cramped tube (with our luggage!) for what seemed like an hour to Gloucester Road station–everyone was all up in everyone’s business. The London Underground certainly has it’s charms, but it has difficulty handling large amounts of people and can be unpleasant for long journeys. Next time I’m taking an Uber! Thankfully, we made it to our hotel in one piece and had time to grab some fish and chips from a pub.

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