Day 34: Last Day in London

Although the day started much later than we would have liked, we still managed to cram a day’s worth of fun into a few hours. We spent the morning shopping (I went for souveniers and British chocolate) and ate sandwiches for a quick lunch. We rode the Tube (that was thankfully open again!) to the British Museum. There you can see antiquities from many cultures from around the world. We were particularly interested in the Rosetta stone and mummies in the Egypt exhibits, the Samurai artifacts in the Japan exhibits, and the Greek and Roman vases and statues in the Europe exhibits.

As you can tell, it’s easy to spend an entire day in this completely free attraction–in fact, we did! We bought tickets for the Tower of London ahead of time to see the crown jewels and sepnt most of the day at the British Museum before we realized the Tower closed early! Oh well. We made up for this missed opportunity by taking the tube to explore Covent Gardens. We at Japanese food at Abeno there and visited Scoop for ice cream. The day felt like it went fast, but I suppose that’s because we were having so much fun on our last day in London.

Tomorrow I catch a flight from Luton Airport to Copenhagen where I’ll take my return flight to Washington. It’s been quite an adventure, here in Europe, but I feel ready to go home. I had a great opportunity to explore some of my favorite places in the world and I had experiences I’ll remember for a lifetime!

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