Eye Tracking UX for JMU

Eye tracking heatmap

In 2015, James Madison University Marketing came to my research advisor, Dr. Jeffrey Andre, and tasked us with providing data to support (or recommend changes for) their new website design. Gauging user experience is difficult, but with the help of a little psychological research, making objective decisions about website design is easy. One of my favorite tools for gathering objective data about user experience is eye tracking. Dr. Andre and I tested the new website using eye-tracking technology, ensuring that website users saw what the university wanted them to see (like important statistics about the university and reasons why prospective students should apply) and were easily able to complete the tasks the university wanted them to (like applying to or visiting the university). In July of 2015, JMU launched its new website.

This gaze plot shows the duration and order of fixations users made while viewing this prototype of the new JMU website.
The latest JMU website design. View it at jmu.edu.


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