Day 19: The Berlin Zoo

Flamingo at the Berlin Zoo

Of course it’s finally sunny and warm on the day I leave! But c’est la vie, eh? Things always seem best when it’s time to say goodbye. After checking out of my hotel and dropping my bag off at the front desk, I ventured out to visit the Berlin zoo. It’s easy to spend an entire day there, but I made it through in about three hours. There’s a lot of species to see, and this zoo apparently has more than any other in the world. It seemed better designed and easier to see the animals than most other zoos I’ve been to. I think it’s worth the ~€10,00 ticket price.

My last stop in Berlin was Suksan, a Thai restaurant near the zoo. Reasonable prices and good food. If you like Thai, it’s worth a shot.


  1. Those Giraffes look like they could just step over that fence in the background! Where are you going next?
    Enjoying looking and hearing about all the sites you visit. Descriptions make it seem almost like I am there!

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