Day 22: A Heffeweißen in Marienplatz


Welp, I’m here in Munich, the heart of Bavaria. It’s a beautiful city, and so far it seems much friendlier than any of the other cities I’ve been to (although Malmö is a close second). Southern hospitality isn’t found just in the US! This place is what most Americans think of when they think of Germany–clean, orderly, and traditional, but in touch with the modern world. As I write this, I am enjoying a veal wurst with a pretzel and a heffeweißen and being served by servers in lederhosen and beer-maiden outfits. I don’t think it gets more stereotypically German than this. (If you’re looking for such a Biergarten, I recommend Der Pschorr, near Marienplatz!)

Munich isn’t without its downsides, however. The day I chose to be here is Sunday, when a lot of things are closed. Add to that, the city is holding its annual fun-run, so a number of streets are blocked off for the event. When I came to Marienplatz, the main town square yesterday, the crowds were insane. Munich, unlike Frankfurt  (my previous stop, to visit a friend) is a tourist city. English can be heard everywhere and lots of Americans flock to the beer gardens for a German experience.


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