Day 6: A Day in Lund

Today we took a trip to the town of Lund in Sweden. It fit my mental picture of a typical Swedish town perfectly! Our first stop in this small town was St. Jakob’s Stenugnsbageri [Bakery & Café], where I had an americano and some of the freshest and best-tasting baked goods I’ve ever had. Given that this was Sweden, I had to try their kanelbulle (a source of Swedish national pride) and I couldn’t resist grabbing a kokoskakor [coconut top with chocolate] too. Suffice to say, these two pastries were outstanding and if I’m ever back in Lund, I know where my first stop will be.

Lund had a lot to offer, but the weather was so nice just walking around and relaxing on the grass outside the University was fun. After relaxing on the Lund University lawn for a bit, and after watching a few high-school graduation parades go by, we made our way to the Lund University Historical Museum, where we wandered around exploring all of the fascinating exhibits.

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