Day 7: Den Blå Planet & Tivoli Gardens

Today we ventured back to Copenhagen to explore the city with our Copenhagen cards. First, we took a trip to Den Blå Planet, Northern Europe’s largest aquarium. There were tons of colorful and interesting fish, it felt difficult to see everything the aquarium had to offer in such limited time.

We left and wandered around Copenhagen for a bit until we found a nice spot for lunch. By the time we finished, it was almost four o’clock. I tried to visit Copenhagen’s design museum, but, like many places in Scandinavia, it closed at 4:00pm before I could get there. I’ll have to try visiting again when I’m back in Copenhagen on the 21st.

Later that night, we went to Tivoli Gardens, one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, located in the center of Copenhagen. We rode a few rides and stuck around for a concert at Tivoli’s center stage. At midnight, we witnessed one of the most breathtaking fireworks displays I’ve ever seen. A slight drizzle tried to dampen our experience, but we powered through and enjoyed the park.

Concert at Tivoli Gardens

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