Day 26: Venice in Six Hours

Venetian Canal

I knew while planning this trip that I wasn’t giving Venice the amount of time it deserved, but it’s inconveniently between northern Europe and Western Europe, the two regions I originally set out to explore. I got to Venice (relatively) well-rested at around 10:30am. The main island of Venice is smaller than I expected, about 2 or 3 miles wide at the most. So walking around isn’t super-difficult. I wanted to find a quick-and-dirty boat tour, but unless you know where to go, it can be rather difficult. I did not know where to go, sadly. The only boat tours I found either had enormous lines, were too long for me to catch my next train, or too expensive for my budget. So, I settled for walking around. When you leave Santa Lucia station, you are greeted by the Grand Canal, which is indeed grand. Movies and pictures don’t lie about Venice. It’s beautiful with a unique style and grace–just don’t fall into the tourist trap.

Venetian Dome

I got some (meh) fried shrimp with a salad for lunch, followed of course, by Gelato. As delicious as it was, it melted all over me, so I cannot recommend cones in the summer sun here.

With little else to do for the remaining two hours I had before my train arrived, I waited in the (thankfully) air-conditioned train station. Leaving felt right at the time, but I know I’d like to return and spend more time here. At around 4:10, I boarded my train for Geneva.

(Tip: The train ride through the valley near Domodossola is breathtaking, especially at sunset! I would have gotten pictures, but unfortunately, I was stuck with an aisle seat on the train.)

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