Day 27: Fondue at Sunset

I’ve made it here to Geneva, Switzerland and nearly everything is beautiful here save for two things: the weather (it’s around 100°F here during the hottest parts of the day) and the prices (Switzerland is insanely expensive–at my hotel it’s 39.- CHF for a breakfast buffet!). Lake Geneva and everything that surrounds it is gorgeous. Switzerland is know for its craftsmanship in all forms, from chocolate to watches. If you can afford to visit here, it’s luxurious. Mountains surround a quiet, well-designed and well-maintained stereotypically Swiss city that sits at the edge of a clear and beautifully blue lake. The Swiss really like fountains.

A fountain in Geneva

They have nice ones in their parks, and of course there is the centerpiece landmark of Geneva, the jet on the lake. Depending on the strength of the wind, it shoots up about 130m, is visible from any shore of the lake, and produces a fine, cool mist if you are close enough to it. Besides getting to visit the city, it was nice to rendezvous with my dad and little sister after not seeing them for nearly a month. After wandering about and window shopping for the latter half of the day (it was laundry day again this morning), we went to a restaurant at a downtown hotel called Les Amures. We completed the day with some white wine and fondue, with shrimp and a salad. A pot of hot cheese and bread for dinner? The Swiss know how to live!

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