Day 28: Lake Geneva at Noon, Eiffel Tower at Midnight

Today we ride the TGV to Paris. But before we do that, we still have a few hours left to explore Switzerland! If we were spending more time here, I would love to make a cable-car excursion to one of Switerland’s beautiful mountains, but there unfortunately isn’t enough time.

Making due with the time we had after checking out of our hotel, we went into the city to find a place to buy some Swiss chocolate and souvenirs, and then we locked our luggage up and boarded a tour-cruise on the lake. The heat is awful in the city, but when you’re on the water cool breezes feel great. A relaxing cruise with cold drinks was a nice way to spend our last day in Switzerland.

Swiss Flag

We made it to Paris just before the sun set and had a lovely dinner at Le Source, which was just by our hotel. After getting settled in at the hotel and getting dinner, it was late but it was a short walk to the Eiffel Tower, less than a mile away. We made it to the park near the tower at midnight (which was full of people enjoying champagne, beer, and good company).

Outside the Eiffel Tower

At midnight, as with every hour at night in Paris, the tower sparkles in a brilliant light show. Not only is the size of the tower impressive in Person, but the way it glows and sparkles is too.

Eiffel Tower

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