Day 29: The Louvre and a River Cruise

The Louvre Pyramid

We began our day with a short Metro ride to the Louvre, Paris’ (and perhaps the world’s) premier art gallery. The museum is huge, and I could easily see myself spending more than a day exploring it. The Louvre has invested a lot in making visits interesting and informative. While it’s easy to get lost in this massive museum, if you picked up one of the interactive Nintendo 3DS audio guides, you can find your way and learn a lot about the art there while you’re doing it. With so much to see and so little time, we saw the classics like the Mona Lisa and the Venus De Milo, but we left early because my jetlagged companions were still feeling very tired and needed a rest. If I find myself in Paris again I know I’d like to visit the Louvre again.   

Around dinner time, we decided to take a relaxing cruise on the river Seine. The boats are very crowded, it’s hard to get good pictures of anything, and the audio guide isn’t entertaining (so I don’t really recommend Bateaux Parisiens), but we made the best of it by bringing some cheese, wine, and crackers with us. We enjoyed each other’s company and the sunset while gently cruising down the river.

Eiffel Tower

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